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The best blacksmith at my house
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What were you doing on September 11th, 2001? How do the events of that day hold meaning for you now?

I was heading out for a few days off (worked solely on weekends at the time) and was eating breakfast at a local greasy spoon.

I never watch TV, so it was odd that I happened to be near one.

The 'bartender' walksed zombie like up to the TV, which made me glance up about 3 min before the 2nd plane hit.

I spent the rest of the week on a small lake canoeing and sailing and watching for planes to return to the sky.

It was quite peaceful, actually.


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Nothing in my replies leads to this:
Which time and place do you belong in?


You are very non-religious, at least publicly, and believe that strength comes from the individual's ability to support his/her nation.You also believe that Communism is the ultimate goal for the world.

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I'll have to vote against Irene Stein...

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Never buy from e-bay seller sportbikeparts.com!

After two weeks they won't reply to e-mail, but they cancelled my request for money (refund on useless charging rotor), so I know they're there.

So, That's my flame.

I was going to leave Negative feedback, but I haven't figured out how to fit it in one line... Sportbikeparts.com SUCKS
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Why in the @##@$^# does Florida think it can determine the Democrat nominee? 
All this 'I won't vote for Obama if they don't give it to Hillary because she won Florida' shit is stupid.

It's a big country, and it has voted for Obama.

Fuck you Florida.

Michigan, you're next.

Give her all of Florida, and he still wins.
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Can I just say I love the way NPR consistently refers to the unelected one as Mr. Bush? 
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 Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.
---Mark Twain---
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Hi there~
So I finally had a nice day and the time to tear into the bike to put in the new rotor I got from you, (I've been riding on a borrowed rotor) and this morning's commute went pretty flawlessly!
The ride home was not so good!
I tested it in the parking lot and got a very low ohm reading, after the bike finally died with really dim lights.
Needless to say, I'll have to take advantage of that whole 1-year warranty thing...unfortunately.
Luckilly I still have the other rotor, and a bicycle, and a moped...so I can still get to work.
Yup, a '79 750 is my primary transportation.
Please let me know if I should just ship it back or if you need any more info from me.
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 The ride was fine!

Thanks again to Dayv, Jenn, Conn, Gerald, Theresa, Aidan and Forrest for a wonderful weekend re-connecting with the Vermont Natural Forces Network...


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